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Our Scholarship


The Allen Garden Club Helen M. Logan Scholarship is named in memory of long time former member, Helen Logan who shared her time and talents over many years with members of the garden club as treasurer and avid volunteer.

When asked to participate in activities, her answer was usually "yes". The times she couldn't help was when she was traveling to Canada or abroad.

She enjoyed learning about gardening in Texas and was always experimenting with new plants in her garden, although her favorites were her roses and native plants. She also enjoyed visiting public gardens in the area.

Helen found insects fascinating and would photograph them in hopes of learning the names of the various visitors to her garden.

Helen had hobbies in addition to gardening. She loved to paint and take pictures of the world around her, especially plants in her garden.

She loved her family to the moon and back and adored her grandson, Ayden. We truly do miss her.

The Allen Garden Club Helen M. Logan Scholarship is available through the 
Foundation for Allen Schools to college bound Allen High School seniors who are planning on majoring in a horticulture related field such as botany, floriculture, forestry, environmental science, etc. Please visit the Foundation for Allen Schools website for more information to learn how to apply for our scholarship.

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