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What a better way to greet spring than with a variety of daffodils? These are very easy to grow. Plant them in the fall and as late as December - point side up about 3-6 inches deep depending on the size of the bulbs. The rule says to dig your hole two and a half times the diameter of the bulb. So, if they are larger bulbs, you'll have to dig a little deeper.
Plant your bulbs in groupings. The easiest thing to do is to dig out an area about 12 inches diameter to the proper planting depth. Take a handful of several bulbs and toss them into the hole. Position them with the roots down, point up where they land and cover them with soil.
After they finish blooming, leave the foliage to fade completely before removing it or leave it in place after it is yellowed and cover it with mulch. This allows the energy the leaves gather to go back down to be stored in the bulb for the next season.
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