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Mexican Petunia
Ruellia brittoniana

Mexican petunia is one of those plants where either you love it or hate it. People love it because it can withstand the hot Texas summers and bloom every single day. Other people hate it because when the seed pods form, they pop open and shoot their seeds everywhere. They will grow in places where you never imagined like in the cracks in the sidewalk.
Mexican petunia will grow in full sun to part shade. You can find it in purple, pink, or white blooming varieties. Each flower only lasts one day, but there are always more flowers blooming each day.
The standard variety of Mexican petunia can grow 3-4 feet tall and about 2 feet wide. It spreads both by seed and rhizomes. It is very drought tolerant and can survive on just rainfall.
There are a couple smaller sizes of Mexican petunia. One is 'Katie's Dwarf' which will grow to about 12 inches. The other is a medium sized pink variety called 'Chi Chi' that grows to about 18"-2 feet tall and wide. There is a sterile variety called 'Purple Showers', but it still spreads by rhizomes.
Whatever variety you select for your garden, be prepared to pull up the volunteer plants. You can always share them with your gardening friends.
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Mexican Petunia 'Purple Showers'
Mexican Petunia 'Chi Chi'
Dwarf Mexican Petunia